It’s January, and that means extreme winter weather for a lot of us, and winter weather often means unforeseen events. For many, winter is the worst season for facility managers. Snow and ice can knock out power or freeze and burst pipes, and floors and entryways get wet, slippery, and dirty. So what happens when something goes wrong? What is your contingency plan for keeping your facility in top form while winter tries to wreak havoc on your site?

Presumably, there are hierarchies in place to handle everyday maintenance efficiently, but what about multiple ongoing issues? For every kind of event, different stakeholders must be contacted through different means (phone, email, telegram, etc.) and that means more work for the facility manager in the office, on the phone, and on the computer, and less time in the field performing inspections and maintenance.

envVisual can help take the headache out of the season and make sure that everybody involved with your facility’s health stays informed and ready to resolve issues as they emerge. envVisual helps you mark issues for resolution and communicate with sub-contractors, and our software adapts to your processes, so there’s minimal friction to bringing your facility management system into the digital age.

With our innovative pricing, we’re the ultimate solution, no matter how big your team is! You can find out more about our pricing here, and get a demo of envVisual to learn more about how we can simplify your facility management when things go wrong.

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